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Mineral Exploration

Our experience supporting Canada’s mining industry spans 30 years in the field from Canada’s west coast to high arctic. Quantum Helicopters employs highly skilled pilots, who specialize in precision long lining with our varied fleet of helicopters. From initial exploration, staking, sampling, crew change and fly in camp transportation, to expediting, fuel hauls and large-scale drill programs, Quantum Helicopters has your crew in the field covered.

Camp Mobilizations
Camp Moves
Drill Moves/Support
Crew Transportation
Remote camp supplies
Seismic support
Sling loads

Breakdown? Fuel Shortage? Running low on camp supplies? Need immediate assistance? Running out of drill steel ahead of schedule? Let Quantum Helicopter's staff of professionals relay your email or phone call from your remote location and service your supply shortage while you continue producing for your shareholders. Quantum Helicopters has your business covered from the air or the ground.

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